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To rent a car in Shanghai, please send your brief requirements mentioned below to Shang Citylimo, we will reply you back very soon.

  1. Any specific vehicle that you are going to lease? For your reference: Buick GL8 is very popular among our clients if you want a comfortable car.
  2. For the daily use: Your Hotel name? Or company’s address? Your home street name? [ To get this information is only for arrange specific driver]
  3. For how long the daily driver service will be?
  4. Additional requests? For instance, driver should work from Monday to Saturday etc.
  5. How soon do you need our car rental (with a driver) service in Shanghai?

For your enquiries, we will carefully assess the options, consider what is feasible within your expectation. Please send your enquiries about car rental in Shanghai to: Email: about hire a car in Shanghai.

Shanghai Citylimo also can create a customized package – whether you have a group that needs specific vehicles at several locations or if you need airport pickup from Hotel to Pudong International Airport Terminal 1, Terminal 2 or To Hong Qiao Airport Terminal 1, Terminal 2, take a business trip from Shanghai to Yiwu or any other destinations etc.Shanghai Citylimo could provide you our vehicles immediately.

For more information about car rental in Shanghai, simply send your enquiry to